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Becca Brazil

Becca Brazil, Musician / Artist / Digital & Social Media sensation, featured on the 2022 Cover of Global Woman Magazine & the original Miss Jetset Magazine cover girl. The talented artist is also a singer-songwriter featured on Forbes, Bravo TV, Yahoo as well as prominent music label Rolling Stone. 

Becca Brazil has recently performed alongside Adil C on Spotify. Their radio hit single ‘Hey Baby’ has been streamed non-stop by fans charting on both CANADA & LUXEMBOURG top 50.

Billions of people are using online platforms to share information and make connections. Social media is quickly becoming one of the largest marketing platforms in the world.

My goal is to help people build community through their online influence.


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Why do you need a strong online presence?

Creating content tailored to the interests and needs of your target audience builds trust, and once you have that, you're one step closer to earning your audience's business.

  • It is important to create content that is tailored to the interests and needs of your target audience.

  • Having a strong social media presence also allows you to better understand your audience.

  • Builds Brand Awareness and Recognition








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    Here's what my clients say:

    ''OMG I love my Ski Mask filter! It's literally perfect, even down to the eyelashes. I'm obsessed!'


    3 Million on Tiktok

    '' Holy Sh*t we did it!!! The summer savvy filter just broke 1 MILLION impressions in the first 10 days!! ''

    Whitney Kay

    Social Media Coach

    Meet Becca Brazil 

    Becca Brazil is an accomplished Singer, Songwriter, and Entrepreneur. In her capacity as the Founder of Only 1 Media PR, she is steadfastly committed to realizing noteworthy accomplishments not only for herself but also for the broader community she serves. With a resolute dedication, Becca Brazil embarks on a mission to harness her talents and entrepreneurial acumen, channeling them into endeavors that transcend personal success, elevating the prospects of those who surround her.

    Becca became a social media sensation who has been connecting with thousands of people worldwide. How? It’s surprisingly simple. She uploads videos of herself and her dad. Yes, this girl is talented! A singer, dancer, comedian – all of these elements blended into one social media personality that has the internet world shaking.

    But that’s not it! She runs a successful series of Airbnb's at different locations. She has now turned her eyes to the Retreats market along with her husband Juliano Teruel, making Yoga Retreats available in Brazil.

    "Yoga Retreats are something she always dreamed of doing because of how much good they bring to people. They help them calm their inner thoughts, release stress from everyday life, push their limits, have fun with new people, etc.

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